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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 8th October

Welcome back to another exciting blog from Zebra class.

We are happy because our friends are returning to school. We have been doing measurements in maths this week with Miss Leonard and learned all about centimetres, metres and millimetres.

In topic, we have been learning about Stone Age animals such as: Woolly Mammoths, Sabre-Tooth Cats, Stone Age Dogs and Andrewsarchus’. We have been researching lots of facts and adding them to a fact file. Miss Leonard has been teaching us about expanded noun phrases which help us to be more descriptive in our writing.

Mrs. Morgan has been getting the benches out in the hall for gymnastics and we have been doing lots of tricks on them.

As a class, we have brought lots of food to school for the Harvest Festival to donate to charity as well as some money.

Yesterday was National Poetry Day so we wrote our own poems about our dream day. We also watched a video which helped us to write our poems.

We hope you enjoyed our blog, we’ll see you next week for some more exciting news!

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