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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 25th February 2022

Welcome back to our blog.  We hope you enjoy it. Hope you had a good half term.

This week we have designed and made boxes for our potions. It was hard for most people to fold and stick the boxes together but we had fun doing it. We learned some maths about nets of shapes while we were making these and we didn't even realise that we were doing maths. 

We have been learning about Roman numerals in Maths with Mrs Morgan and a special visit from Mrs Smith for one of our lessons.  They were hard for some of the year 3s because this was the first time we had ever done them but we got there in the end. Year 4s have been learning some really high numbers in Roman numerals like 100s and 1000s. 

Miss Leonard has come back to join us for 2 weeks and we are very happy to see her again. 

We made up some more parts for our dance for the Sharnbrook Creative Arts festival.  

We sang Happy Birthday to Mrs Thompson as we missed her birthday on the Thursday before half term.

We met a new student who will join us on Monday called McKayla. 

Hope you enjoyed the blog.  We hope you have a good weekend. 

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