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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 23rd September 2022

Welcome back to our Zebra blog 2022-23.

We have new people in our class.  The new year 3s have joined us and we are happy to have friendships back together.  We also have 2 new pupils, Kingston and Sam joining our school this year.   

The year 3s thought it felt a bit weird being in a different class.  It was a really fun start to the new school year even if it was a big change and a lot of new work.  It was an exciting new week because we got to be in with our friends and family. 

Our new topic this term is “What’s Going on Inside?”.  We have had lots of ‘new things’ starting this term.  Year 3s have started doing French with Mme. Kaler and they think it is excellent. Our new P.E. teacher Mr. T has been doing tag rugby with us.  It has been great fun the first 2 weeks with him.  Year 3s are enjoying having P.E. on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Forest school is back up and running every Tuesday and we have been doing lots of exciting things like building dens, making Eeyore’s den, exploring in the mud, practicing tying shoelaces and whittling.  We also have a new Spanish club running Tuesdays after school for those going, it is really fun.  We got a very fancy booklet, pencil, magnet and badge.  We have been learning songs to help us speak in Spanish. 

Last Friday we had Bikeability.  It was great fun.  We did weaving between cones games, racing to see who could ride the SLOWEST without putting a foot down - Joey won - and signals for when you are biking. 

For our Sparkling Start to our topic on Tuesday, we learned about the digestive system and made our own version of the human digestive system to learn how food moves through our body from enter our mouths to coming out as a poo!  We tried lots of different fruits and vegetables….some we really liked and some we didn’t like but everyone really impressed Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Trepess and Mrs. Ball by how well they tried everything.  

See you next time for more exciting, amazing Zebra news! 

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