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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 11th February 2022

Another busy week! Please read on to find out what we have been up to...

Monkeys have been creating some fantastic work for our topic ‘Magical Dragons, Surprising Spells and Enchanted Forests’. Lots of us have been making some brilliant models of dragons and castles at home – well done, Monkeys.

Little Monkeys have been learning all about making 6,7 and 8. They are working so hard to perfect their number formation. Well done, Little Monkeys!

Big Monkeys have been counting to 50 (backwards and forwards) and partitioning into tens and units. We loved a shark game from Top Marks that Mrs Collier put on for us; we were really good at it!

During our PSHE lessons, we have been talking about our star qualities – we discussed how we are all different but wonderful in our own way.

We had a fun material hunt around the school, Mrs Collier told us how to make a tally chart so we could record how many things we saw.

In our Purple Mash sessions, Mrs Beard has helped us to complete pictograms. We discussed how we travel to school and what our favourite fruit is. We then completed pictograms on our own iPads. Isn’t that great?!

We are ready for our half term break, we’ve worked so hard! Have a good rest everyone!!!!   

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