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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 8th October

Wild, mysterious and dangerous?

In Meerkats this week, the children have been finding out about the Loch Ness Monster! They have written newspaper articles all about a Nessie sighting. They have been learning about headlines, captions and writing about the facts. We have even been using speech marks.

In Maths, children have been doubling. They have been doubling in lots of ways – next week halving!

Children had a fantastic time making Tiger Faces by painting and decorating a paper plate – the process was quite tricky but Mrs Morel encouraged us to work independently (this is one of our values!).

On a final note, we have enjoyed our Charity Day today for ‘Crisis’, which is for people who are not lucky enough to have a home. Everyone was very generous with the wonderful donations of food, money, goods and Tupperware that was brought in. We loved the cakes!

See you next time!

Best wishes from Meerkats.

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