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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 3rd March 2023

It has been a busy week!

On Monday, we started our learning about arrays. Arrays help us understand multiplication and division. At first, everyone found arrays a bit challenging! Mrs Morel further explained all about arrays and then it was our turn to have another go at getting to grips with the concept. Our activity was to use counters, shapes and bricks and arrange them into rows and columns that would match one of the numbers we chose from the board. We found out that there are a number of different arrays we can make for the same number!  We have also been playing different kinds of dominoes games, continuing to learn about doubling (and halving) numbers.

In English, we have been learning about “regular” and “irregular” past tense words. We have to remember the –ed suffix on regular past tense words like “parked” and “listened” but we also have to try and learn irregular past tense words like “wrote”.  Nearly everyone thought it was “writed”.  The child in the class who got it right got a house point! We have finished our Farmer Duck letters. The children helped each other amazingly well to edit each others work.  They worked carefully to check spellings, punctuation and whether they needed to make any changes or add anything.

World Book Day was really fun.  The children had a visitor – an author called Helen Todd.  We listened and joined in with her story.  She thought we were all great and very well-behaved too!  We went onto devising our own book covers, bookmarks and did some World Book Day Maths.  We had to put together a “Venn Diagram” to show which children in the class read on the sofa/chair and which children read in bed and which children read in both these places.  We discovered nearly all the children in our class read in bed, with one child not reading in either! She had to go on the outside of the Venn Diagram.(She only reads in her shed).

 As it has been a busy week, we’ll be finishing off our Art next week and Mrs Morel will take photos and place them on the blog.

Marvellous Middle next week – day to be fixed but no special requirements so we’ll tell you all about it nearer the time.

Bye for now!  Happy Weekend.

Best Wishes

Meerkats x

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