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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 1st April

End of the term!

Another very busy week for us in Lion class.

On Tuesday, we had a super Easter assembly, which was led by Rev Tim and also included items, such as songs and poems, from each class. 

As well as making lots of preparations for the upcoming SATs for our Year 6 children, we have also had lots of nice experiences as well. On Thursday we had our Fab Finish for our topic, by holding an Egyptian Day. We all came to school brilliantly dressed (thanks so much to our parents and carers for your help with this) and we spent the day doing lots of great activities. In groups we cooked some Egyptian recipes, including date bread, flatbreads, cookies and a breakfast dish made of beans, with a fried egg on top! We did a beautiful job of painting our canopic jars, which we have made using two plastic pint glasses and modroc- some of them are absolutely stunning. We also had a go at mummifying oranges, which we pretended were dead bodies. We had to scoop out the insides (not as easy as we thought!), then we filled them with salt and bicarbonate of soda and wrapped them in 'bandages'. We are hoping that when we look in a few weeks time, they will be dry and shrivelled, rather than squidgy and mouldy....! 

Today we did a lovely assembly to say goodbye to Mrs Collier, who is sadly leaving us to move away. We will really miss her.

In our French lessons we are writing our next letters to our penpals. We are really excited by the thought of receiving our next letters back in the next few weeks. 

Happy Easter everyone- when we come back it will be the summer term! How has that happened?

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