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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 29th April 2022

How can it be Friday again already!?

This week has been another good one. Year 5 children went out to Sharnbrook Academy for a sports trip on Wednesday. We had some athletics events, such as discus, vortex and ladder runs. We had 8 minutes for each task and were trying to beat our own score each time. We also had some races against children from other schools, one of which we won. Well done Lilly for being noticed and being awarded a sports value certificate. 

We have been working hard to get the Year 6 children prepared for their SATs. They are doing a smashing job!

In our PE lessons, we have been working on rounders on a Wednesday with Mrs Morgan and tennis on a Friday with Mr Buck.

We have done some history work on our Ancient Maya topic, learning about their religious beliefs and Gods, and also we worked hard to decipher their number system. Not easy as it didn't work on a Base 10 system like ours!

Finally, we were very excited on Tuesday as our leavers' hoodies arrived! We love them as they are very soft and warm on the inside. We are waiting until all of the Y6 children are here before we show you a picture of us wearing them. Thank you so much to the Friends committee for buying our hoodies, we love them.   

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