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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 10th June 2022

Back to school for our final half term of this year - how can that have happened?

Before the half term holiday, we had a special celebration to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. In the days leading up to our celebration, we created some amazing portraits of the Queen by using photographs from throughout her life. Some of us chose to use pencils, some watercolours and some used pastels. We were thrilled with the display we made. We also did a group research project, where we were given a decade of the Queen’s reign to learn about. This all came together in a huge timeline. Everyone in the school designed a beautiful fabric square, which featured something related to the Queen. There were a lot of corgis! We joined the squares together to make two fantastic wall hangings. After our celebration, we loaned them out to Keysoe and Bolnhurst so that they could be displayed during their Jubilee events. We have heard lots of positive feedback.

We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon with our parents and carers. First of all, they were invited into classrooms to do some arts and crafts and then we went out onto the field. Thankfully it stayed dry (if a little windy!) and we started by singing ‘Sing’, which was written for the Diamond Jubilee. We also learned the National Anthem. After this, we enjoyed a fabulous picnic and played some games, organised by our ‘Friends’. What a brilliant way to start the celebrations!

This week our main focus in our lessons has been a science topic about the Earth in space. We went out onto the field to make a fruit and loo roll solar system! This helped us to understand the size of the planets relative to each other and the distances between them. Our minds were blown! We have also been learning about the thinking of different scientists over time, where they gradually went from a geocentric model (with the Earth in the centre) to a heliocentric model (with the sun in the centre.

On Wednesday we all went to Bedford Modern School to take part in a huge cricket competition. In order to make up the required boys and girls teams, we mixed with our friends from Thurleigh, which was nice. We had some wins and some loses, but all of us approached the day with determination, great team work and we had fun!

Please join us next week for more news. 

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