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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 8th July 2022

Sorry we've not updated for a couple of weeks. We've been SOOOOOO busy!

Last Friday was our first 'proper' Sports Day since July 2019! We started in the morning with a round-robin of activities, such as discus, javelin, speed bounce, shot put and hurdles. KS1 worked on their own round-robin. After lunch, lots of parents, grandparents and carers arrived ready to watch our races. We had only been going for a few minutes, when it started to rain! We ignored it for a while, but eventually it got so heavy, the parents needed to take shelter, so we paused for a moment and crossed our fingers. Thankfully, the rain stopped after a few minutes and so we were able to continue with our races. We collected points, with every race adding to points for our house. The eventual winners were Stocker- well done everyone. We were all very grateful for an ice lolly, which we were kindly given by our Friends committee.

Much of the last couple of weeks has been spent rehearsing our KS2 end of year play. All the children have been amazing learning their lines - some of us have had over 90 lines to learn! We have also had to remember songs and dance routines. We are looking forward to the performances on Monday afternoon and evening.

Over the last two weeks, all of our Y6 children have visited their new secondary schools for transition days. It’s safe to say that there is a big difference between our tiny primary school and the huge secondaries they are going to! They all came back with positive attitudes and smiles on their faces, so that’s great.

On Wednesday, we had ‘Moving up day’. Our Y5 children had a go at being Y6 and we welcomed the children who will be joining us in September as new Y5s. We did some jobs like designing our new drawer label and planning the layout of our classroom, then we spent the afternoon learning about how to draw buildings. Finally, we had a go at drawing our school. NOT easy!

We are continuing to enjoy our swimming lessons and some of us across Kymbrook and Thurleigh are making fantastic progress.

This week, we have eagerly awaited the SATs results! We are thrilled with how we did and the progress that has been made. Mrs Smith is so proud of us all. 

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