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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 4th November 2022

Welcome back to Lion class blog after the half term.

The 'Friends' kindly organised a Halloween party on the last day of term. We played lots of fun games such as wrapping toilet paper around a person in our group so that they looked like a mummy and ‘zombie’ statues (which is a spooky version of musical statues). The Year 6 children even got to have a group photo.

This week we started a new English unit which is based on an animation “Home Sweet Home”. The skills we have been working on are personification and showing emotion through speech. We are really enjoying the animation so far and are excited to find out what happens at the end.

In maths since before half-term we have been learning multiplication and division – both short and long. Also we have talked about multiples and common multiples. It started off being quite tricky but with some practise we think we have cracked it.

Over the past couple of weeks our science topic has been around evolution and inheritance. We have learnt so far about inherited characteristics, animal adaptation and the theories of Charles Darwin.

Today, Mrs Smith took four pupils from Y5 (Freddie, Lois, James and Grace) to an event held at Biddenham School called Agents For Change. We learnt all about differences in people, and about what identity based bullying is. Our job is now to make an action plan for some work we would like to do back in school to spread what we have found out about. We can apply for a budget of up to £100 to help us make a positive difference in our school. We have a lot to think about and are excited to get going! 

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