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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 24th March 2023

We have worked so hard this week!

As it is getting towards the end of the term, we have been doing several assessments to see how we are getting on. We have done, grammar, spellings, reading and maths assessments. Everyone has worked so hard, especially the Year 6 who are aware that this is the last set of assessments before their actual SATs. 

On Tuesday, we had some special visitors who came in to do an assembly to celebrate Iranian New Year. We loved seeing the visitors dancing, we had an amazing time joining in with the dancing and we loved their customs.

On Thursday, we started an art project. We used old CDs, which could have been just thrown away, as a weaving loom. We had to set up the loom with warp threads of wool and then have started weaving different colours and textures of wool around the circle. They are starting to look really lovely. We now need to see how and where we can display them.

This morning we had a book swap. Thank you to everyone who had a clear out at home - we had so many donations that most people got to choose three books to take home and there were still some left!

Blog written this week by Evie and Lilly

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