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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 31st March 2023

We can't quite believe that the Spring term has come to an end!

It's been another busy week in Lion class. We have continued with some snappy revision in spellings, reading and grammar each morning and we are continuing with maths revision, especially of topics we haven't done for a good while!

On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to be able to see some new lambs, which were brought in by Mr Helliwell, one of our parents. We loved holding and petting them, apart from one or two of us who were terrified by the cute little lambs! 

In art we have produced some beautiful pieces of weaving using old CDs. We hung them up on the verandah and it was lovely to see them spin, but unfortunately the wind has pulled a few down. We have now tied them onto the railings instead. 

This morning was our Fab Finish for our topic. We have worked really hard to research in order to answer the question about what is the environmental impact of our school. We split into five groups and together decided to work on these areas: water, electricity, transport, food waste and consumables (things we use and then throw away). We have carried out interviews and surveys to find the information we needed and then today we presented our findings to the whole school. We hope that we have given them all things to be more mindful of, for example turning lights and heating off and only using one paper towel when we can. The younger children certainly enjoyed answering our questions and joining in with discussions. 

After Easter we will be on to a new topic, but we have certainly learned a lot from our 'Is there a solution to pollution?' topic. 

Happy Easter everyone. 

Blog written by Jensen and Quinton.


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