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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 30th April 2021

Welcome to our very first blog page for Lion class!


This week has been another really busy one and we’ve got loads to tell you. We have spent lots of time this week on our Greek Gods and Goddesses art project. We have transformed photographs of ourselves into different Greek Gods. They are looking really great and we are soon going to get the final touches done and up on the display!

On Thursday, we had a virtual visit booked to the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge. However, our plans were nearly ruined because of the terrible internet! Mrs Smith was in a proper panic! Thankfully we managed to get on a phone hotspot and join our Zoom call (thanks Mrs Morgan!). Justyna showed us around the museum and told us a gruesome story about some of the statues. Guess what- the Ancient Greeks were very fond of the naked male body!

We spent all Wednesday afternoon (luckily the weather was fine, if a bit windy!) teaching our PE games to the Monkey and Zebra children. We found that it is quite tricky to get their attention- and keep it- and we had to explain the rules more than once! We really enjoyed this and one or two children think they might like to be PE teachers in the future.

Finally, we have been so excited this week as we have received two more letters from companies in reply to our letters asking about sustainable palm oil.

More news next Friday. We are ALL looking forward to a long bank holiday weekend….! J


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