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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 22nd October 2021

This week in Forest school it was so lovely to see all the different wellies children and adults wore!

On Monday Monkeys and Meerkats had fun in the rain!! Following a story about a black bird and a broken rainbow the children were asked to explore our school field looking for the broken parts with special colour match cards to help them. They also had a collection pot for the pieces they found. This was a great way to explore and take a closer look at our beautiful outside space and see that even in autumn the different beautiful colours there are there. We also ended with a game of 123 where are you? which is a very popular game.

On Tuesday, the day was completely different! The sun shone and the weather was mild. Zebras also enjoyed the colour match challenge and a couple of games of 123 where are you? Loins had a different task of making a bog baby! The children listened to a story about one before they were given clay to mould their own and then they explored our outdoor field collecting natural resources to decorate them. The results were fabulous! Every single one was different and all had interesting names! They were able to take these babies home at the end of the day. Mrs Smith was also thoroughly engaged in this activity! Hope everyone has a lovely half term and we look for seeing you all after.

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