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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 5th November 2021

It is so lovely to see the children of Kymbrook Primary after the half term break! All were ready to embrace the autumn weather and lots had new wellies and great coats to help them enjoy the outdoors!

On Monday, Monkeys and Meerkats kicked the week off making their Bog Babies. They all enjoyed a story about Bog Babies to begin with then they were given their own piece of clay and asked to explore our lovely field for natural items to mould and then decorate their own Bog Baby to take home. All were amazing showing a lot of thought went into how they would look and what name they would have. It was lovely to end the session with the children introducing their Bog baby to the group. 

On Tuesday, Zebras enjoyed making a Journey Stick! This is a personal favourite of mine where they need to first explore the outside space looking for a stick which is about from your elbow to your fingertips. Then they were given a piece of wool which made it look like a fishing rod. The next task was to take a 'journey' around the field collecting natural objects they found and liked then would attach it to the stick. The end results were fantastic! All the children spent time on this activity. As we had time at the end it was requested we played their favourite game of 123 where are you?  which had us running around in the autumn sun! It was Lions turn next. They had a variety of things to do this week! They had a choice of the Journey stick, the colour match game after the story of a blackbird and we had a tree idenfication to do. Some children concentrated on one activity and others did a bit of all. This is what all our sessions will be like to give a more child led approach. The results as always were amazing! A group of children really enjoyed trying to identify the trees which go around the outer edge of the field! Really lovely to see.

Ranger Carly and I look forward to returning next week for more forest fun!

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