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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 24th June 2022

I am sorry that I have not written a blog for a few weeks but I have been busy trying to finish my portfolio and I am pleased to say that it is now done!! I am a fully qualified Forest School Leader which means we are officially a Forest School!



Over the last few weeks, the sun has been shining and the weather has been very hot on occasions! The children have continued to come out and blow my mind with what they do with their time outside! There is so much going on in each session as everyone is so busy and gets really stuck in! Here is some things they have been up to. There is a group of girls who LOVE the digging area and will use the mud to make pots which they then decorate with flowers and seeds. They are incredible! Lots of repeating patterns and creativity for us to witness. There is a group of boys who love to come out and work on a sink they have built using mud! We see such amazing teamwork, communication, problem solving and creativity in this activity as they have improved on it each week. The den building is becoming more adventurous in Lions as a couple of girls now use sticks as frames for their tarp! Tools are still being used so next year we plan to start making a skill progression book so we can really take things to another level which is very exciting! 

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