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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School



In the KT Federation we value and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all of our children. The inclusive ethos of our school ensures that we have high expectations for all and strive to offer an environment where children are happy, able to flourish and are mentally in a good place to learn.

Our aim is that our children will enjoy their time at school, whilst being prepared for adulthood by having a practical, positive mindset. Children are taught through our Federation values of respect, independence, bravery, determination, working together and kindness.

Our curriculum intent is that all children will:

  • Be taught equally, regardless of ability, culture or background.
  • Become independent and confident, knowledge-rich learners.
  • Acquire the skills that will enable them to succeed in the world as an adult.
  • Be taught in a vocabulary-rich environment that broadens the horizons and provides cultural capital.
  • Be given exciting learning opportunities and experiences that provide and build memorable information.
  • Understand that all staff have high ambitions for their happiness and success.
  • Have a balance of creative, intellectual, cultural, spiritual, moral and physical development.
  • Become aware of the locality, understand what it means to be part of a Federation and have a sense of community.



Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum through a knowledge-based, creative approach with topics designed to build on previously learned knowledge, whilst engaging and stimulating new memories. Teachers have created classroom environments that make learning irresistible and promote the children’s own desire to develop their independent learning skills. This can be seen in each classroom, through the displays, appropriately chosen resources and engaging opportunities to learn.

Well-being lies at the heart of all that we do. Teachers plan enrichment opportunities such as Sparkling Starts, Marvellous Middles and Fabulous Finishes to create memorable experiences and links within learning. Visits and visitors also follow this direction. Our onsite Forest School utilises our outdoor space and secures the learning of cross curricula skills and knowledge.

The teaching of reading is a strength, with designated areas and inviting environments throughout the school to promote a strong culture of reading, both to learn and for pleasure. This journey begins in the Early Years and continues throughout each class.

Teachers know their children extremely well and skilfully adapt the curriculum for SEND and other needs. There is an awareness of ensuring each learning environment is nurturing and understanding of children’s backgrounds and social stories.

Teachers are skilled at using ICT equipment and platforms. Learning is enhanced by use of CleverTouch boards, iPads, PCs and a range of relevant software/websites to engage pupils. Remote learning is established and ready to run when the need arises.



Teachers will be given the necessary tools and CPD to ensure they are skilled practitioners, who respond to the needs of all children, whilst providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment.

Lessons will be planned and adapted for the needs of all. Learning objectives and success criteria will be clear and teachers will regularly and routinely assess children’s progress, so that any misconceptions are identified and addressed promptly.

At the end of each half term, more formal assessments will be conducted and will be discussed during pupil progress meetings with senior leaders. Interventions and support will always be put in place when necessary and monitored by senior leaders and the SENDCO.


Within our curriculum, each subject has its own intent statement and progression grid. 

To view our Federation Curriculum Policy, please click on the document below to download.

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