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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 28th January 2022

Welcome back to our blog and a new term.  

Our topic this term is From Snozzcumbers to Perfect Potion.  We have done some exciting things already and have a new homework task menu. 

We have had a couple of special people come in to visit us so far.  Mrs Morgan’s mum from Canada came in one morning to say hi, meet us and we asked her some questions about Canada.  Miss Leonard came back to say hi and see us because she missed us.  We had a lovely time chatting with her, she wanted to know all about what we did and got for Christmas.  She opened some of the presents that we got her and it gave us a chance to say thank you for all her hard work with us last term.  We had another visitor pop in for a day to observe what goes on in year 3/4 as she is training to be a secondary school teacher.  Her name is Miss Inge. 

We decorated our classroom with paper sweets and lollies we had created and designed.  Some of them were single-sided and on the wall and some were doubled-sided and hanging from the ceiling.  The sweeties look super yummy and make us very hungry.  

We had our topic Sparkling Start.  We had so much fun doing all sorts of fun, creative, messy….Roald Dahl type things.  We explored corn starch, fake snow, shaving foam and bubbles.  We also decorated biscuits to take home.  They were very yummy.  Some of us shared them and some of us ate them all by ourselves.  We conjured up our own magic medicine potions like George’s Marvellous Medicine which we have been reading and made extraordinary, amazing creatures called Fuzzles. 

In English, we have written New Year’s Resolutions, been learning about alliteration and doing some creative writing making a Fuzzle story.  The Year 4s got the chance to practice writing their good copy out in pen and we displayed everyone’s amazing writing on the wall in class.   

In Maths, we are learning length and addition, subtraction with Mrs Morgan and multiplication of numbers with Mrs Thompson.  We had lots of fun in maths.  Some people found it quite hard but we are all getting better at it.  We are learning a new way to do takeaways.  The Year 4s got to use their practical skills to measure each other.  

We are starting dance in PE with Mrs Morgan so that we can go and perform at the Sharnbrook Creative Arts Festival at the end of March and be part of a big evening show.  We are all very excited!  For Friday PE, we have new teacher called Mr Buck.  He is funny and very good.  We also have a new Reading and Rugby man called Max, from Bedford Blues, helping us with our reading and doing some fun rugby at lunch with us on a Thursday. 

We have started a new thing in French with Mme Kaler.  We are learning about the weather.  We have started singing with Mrs Heinz who is the leader for Sing On.  We have learnt 3 songs so far and we will get another outing at the end of March to go to the Bedford Corn Exchange to be part of a big choir of lots of schools to perform for an audience.  

Forest school continues to be very exciting and fun.  We have been making lots of dens, carvings in logs, whittling sticks, making boats with grass and twigs, making fairy houses and gardens out all the natural things around us and rock art. 

We have had a VERY busy start back to school.   

Bye for now….see you next time for more Zebra’s news!!! 

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