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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 18th March 2022

Welcome back to more Zebra News!

n Thursday 3rd March it was World Book Day.  For the day, we made book characters out of potatoes or other vegetables as a competition.  Aniah and Lucas were the winners for our class.  Aniah won with the "The Smelly Sprout" and Lucas with the Zombie Goldfish Potato.  We had to guess who was who for the teachers from when they were younger and their favourite books.  To end the day, we shared our favourite books as a school in the hall.  It was really fun.

On Thursday 10th March we went to Goldington Academy for a year 3/4 sports festival.  We had a great time playing scoreball, athletics and inclusive sports.  Kymbrook had one of our teams come first in the scoreball.  The winning team was Harvey, Cal, Freddie, Ava and Evie.  We also came away with some special values certificates.  Gabriel for honesty, Emily for teamwork, McKayla for passion and Lois for honesty.

On Thursday 17th March, St Thomas More came and did an amazing science visit with us.  At the end, the leader did the best experiment called Elephant Toothpaste where she made bubbles explode in to the air and a yellowish foam came bursting out of a test tube.  The foam was extremely hot, so we didn't touch it.  We used chromatography paper to test what colours were in black and brown pens.  We tested a number of things in little trays by adding a special solution that changed colour to tell us if it was an acid or a base.  We had an amazing time and learnt lots.

Friday 18th March was Red Nose Day.   We could buy cakes at breaktime and after school.  We wore red and could put colour in our hair if we wanted to.  We raised a lot of money for the charity.  

We'll see you back here soon for some more awesome Zebra News. 


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