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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 10th June 2022

Welcome back to some new, exciting Zebras news.


Hope you enjoyed your half term.

On Thursday, we had our school jubilee celebration and we had a massive picnic on the school field.  Also, the parents watched us sing two songs, the National Anthem and Sing. 

We started the afternoon with crafts in our classrooms with our parents, carers and other relatives.  We made collages, medals, coat of arms, crowns and flags.  Our visitors got to see some of our work that was on the walls in the classroom.  It was their first time being in our classrooms in 2 years and it was great. Pre-school had a hot drinks and cake sale, with a chocolate fountain.  On the field, we had lots of activities like cookie decorating, face painting, games and a Corgi trail around the field.  Ida guessed the correct name of the Corgi and won a toy Corgi.  There was lots of fun music all afternoon while we did the activities and had our picnic.  We had so much food, we even had enough left over for some treat this week.  We got to dress in red, white and blue or royal clothes.  Everybody loved the jubilee celebrations.

We had a new boy, James, join our class this week.  He is really nice and we are glad he is with us.  

We had our last session with Miss Leonard.  We are glad she has a job as a teacher for next year but we will miss her.

We have been doing division in maths.  It has brought very different feelings from different people.  Some of us love it and find it easier and some of us aren't so sure but have worked extremely hard this week to learn it. 

Hope you enjoyed our blog.  See you next time for more amazing Zebras news!

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