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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Monday 10th October 2022

Welcome back to our news in Zebras.

In P.E., we have been playing tag rugby.  We have learnt that you can’t pass forwards but you can pass sideways and backwards.  The group that is going to play tag rugby at our upcoming sports festival practised together, playing against each other to get ready while the rest of the group played mini games.  

In French, Year 3s  have been learning other ways to say hello, such as ‘Salute’.  They have learnt how to count up in to 10 and played games using their skills.  Year 4s have been going on different French websites and they have also been learning about Francophone countries, such as Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Monaco and France.  

We are continuing to read ‘The Demon Dentist’ as our class book.  It is really good. We keep leaving off at really exciting parts of the story so that we keep wanting more and to get back to the book to find out what will happen.  Some of us like Miss Root as a character but some of us think she is a bit strange and scary.   None of us, or the children in the book want to call her ‘Mummy’ like she wants them too.  We definitely don’t want to go to a dentist like her.  

We hope you have enjoyed our Zebra news.  Come back next time for more exciting things.  

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