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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 9th December 2022

Welcome back to our awesome Zebra News!

Last week on Thursday, Mr Widdershins came in and did the show Rapunzel.  It was very funny.  The Spanish prince was the funniest because he had a really funny accent and name.  He also over reacted when he fell down and got his head stuck in a watering can and thought he was blind.  The mean witch character was called Mrs Smith. She was made up of a marrow head with a mouldy carrot nose. One of the best bits was when Rapunzel’s mum, Mrs Brusseltop was crying in her bed because it was a really crazy crying noise. Rapunzel was named after the vegetable rampion.   Mr Widdershins added his own twists to the show and made it really silly.  One was that he didn’t kill off the witch but instead she turned into an apple tree with one bitter apple.  Others were when the witch bungee jumped down from the tower on Rapunzel’s hair and someone cut her hair and she yelped.

We’ve had a bit of a funny week ourselves, Meri accidentally hugged a white board to death and it snapped in half.

To help us with our times tables we have been watching a video about Digit helping a boy called Billy learning his times tables to help save the planet Calculus and so that Billy can do a times table test at school.  We have watched the 2s and 3s so far and we think they are really good.  The number crunchers and the Queen’s guards are really funny.  In every episode, there is a times table song and challenge for us to complete.

We have been learning about Romero Britto in art with Mrs Thompson.  We have been making our own self-portraits in his style and they are going really well. We will finish them this week.

On Decoration Day, our parents and grandparents were able to come in and spend the morning making Christmas decorations with us.  We made little tea light candle holders, snowmen and reindeer pegs, toilet roll stars, colouring baubles and paper chains.  Some people worked together to make a giant paperchain that was 21.25 metres long… it might not have been a world record but it was definitely a Kymbrook record!  Some parents got really creative with the resources and made their own different decorations.

See you later for more exciting Zebra News.

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