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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 17th March 2023

Welcome back to our awesome Zebra News!

Since we started our steel pan drums we have learnt 4 or 5 songs.  On the last Monday of term, we are going to perform them in a concert to parents and the rest of the school.  We like the sound of the steel pan drums. We have learnt the songs Musical Raindrops, G and A, The Mockingbird and Wimoweh.  Our teacher for steel pan drums is Mrs Hynes.

For our Marvellous Middle, we ate our way around Europe.  We presented posters of different European countries in groups and tried lots of food from these countries. We “visited” Switzerland, Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Sweden and Germany. Some of us thought the worst food was the sardines from Portugal but others of us loved them.  The stroupwaffles, hot chocolate and croissants were very popular.  We loved the different chocolates.  We tried different types of olives and cheeses. 

We have also explored Africa on our journey around the World.  Many of us liked the writing about the animals.   Now we are off in Asia. 

We had an amazing science morning trip to St Thomas More secondary school in Bedford. We left just after the start of the day and stayed all morning.  We did all sorts of amazing experiments.  We saw a screaming jelly baby.  We made different colours of flames of fire on a bunsen burner using different chemical powders.   We set fire to bubbles because they were made with methane gas.  One of the instructors even held the fire bubble in her hand.  We set fire to bubbles of hydrogen gas in a test tube.  We saw onion cells under a microscope.  Some of the cells appeared to be moving.  It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. 

For PE, we went on a sports trip to Sharnbrook where we did all sorts of interesting activities.  Some of us did archery, seated volleyball, some bowling activities and others did some sports hall athletics.  For the athletics we did long jump, vertical jump, speed ladder running and agility jumping.  We had a couple of special awards won, Emily won passion and Evelyn won determination.  It was a really fun morning even though we got snow and ended up inside.

See you soon for more exciting Zebra adventures as we continue around the World.


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