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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 28th April 2023

Welcome back for more Zebra news! 

For Red Nose Day we dressed up in red.  We could pay 50p for a cupcake…they were all very yummy.  We raised a very generous amount of £184.97. 

At school, we had a book exchange where we could bring in used but good condition books from home but even if we didn’t we could still choose a book or couple of books to take away.  We didn’t need to bring any money it was all a free exchange. 

We finished our Spring topic Around the World in 80 Days.  We made it just in time and won our prize for a successful journey.  Some of us liked “visiting” Canada because we got to try some food and sweets from there.  Lifesavers are a round fruit flavoured hard candy we really liked.  They made our tongues turn different colours.   We also tried poutine and pancakes with maple syrup.  Poutine is cheesy chips and gravy.  We were very divided as to whether or not we thought they were good.  Everyone liked the pancakes.  

We did some Aboriginal art in the style of Jack Britten.  We had to do the whole picture using paint and dots.  We used the other ends of paintbrushes to get this effect.  We also learnt about Australian animals.  We liked the dingos, clown fish, kangaroos, salt-water crocodiles, jellyfish and koalas.  

Out of the box came and did Easter in a box.  It was really good.  We had lots of interesting and thought-provoking questions come out from lots of us.  After the story we made our own version of something to do with Easter using Lego, paper and some very sticky playdough.  Some of us got very mucky from the playdough.  

We did some end of term tests that were really hard but we stuck with it and tried our best and got them done.  As a treat for doing so many tests we got some extra playtimes.  

With Mrs Thompson, we made Easter cards with an egg inside that pops out.  

Then we all had a nice long Easter break where we all got lots of rest and lots of chocolate.  

This term, we have started learning about the Romans and in maths we have been learning Roman numerals.  Learning Roman numerals has been hard for some of us but it has been very interesting.  They use letters to represent their numbers instead of digits like we do.   

We are almost finished our class dance.  Unfortunately, Creative Arts is not going ahead but we will still delight and amaze you with our dance at the school’s Coronation celebration in a couple of weeks.  

That’s it for our amazing Zebras news for now.  So come back next time for more fun.  

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