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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Monday 15th May 2023

Welcome back to our Zebra news

In Science, with Mrs Thompson, we have been planting sunflower seeds, tomatoes, radishes, cress, lettuce and parsley. 

We planted sunflower seeds in groups and each group had a different word to use to guide their experiment. 

The sunflower without light surprised us as it was growing the most, but it was yellow and it didn’t look healthy.

For the soil experiment, the one with some soil grew the best first but the one with lots of extra soil then took over. The one that had no soil didn’t grow at all it just rotted and was squishy and stuck to the bottom of the pot.  

Some of our plants grew the seeds we planted but also had surprises that appeared in the soil that we didn’t plant like fungus or mushrooms.

In the group that changed the amount of air, one of the pots grew the fungus first but finally the sunflower appeared. 

In the group that changed the amount of space, the tiny pot did grow but there was a seed case that stayed stuck to the plant.

We had a Coronation celebration at school on the Thursday before the real Coronation.  The school sang 3 songs about the Coronation and the National Anthem with its new words about the King.  We had a picnic and some games to try.   We had a Kymbrook’s Got Talent show and it was really good.  Everyone did an amazing job.  Our class performed our dance from Creative Arts and everyone thought that it was really good.  We really enjoyed showing it to everyone.  Some of us were very nervous performing in front of everyone but no one showed it.

We have also been on our summer sports festival.  There were 3 different activities, golf, rounders and cricket.  At the end 3 people got special values certificates.  Parker for self-belief, Evie for determination and Jensen for teamwork, but we all did a super job and showed great behaviour and demonstrated that we were good sportspersons.

Come back for more exciting news soon.

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