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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 16th June 2023

Welcome back to Zebras News!

A few weeks ago, we had a Robotics day where we built racecars. Some people raced their cars outside. When we built our cars we had to make sure we had a helicopter-like spinner on the top to make it go straight. We all got to name our cars and race them against each other. Two robot cars tied for first place in the races – Evie/James/Abigail and McKayla/Dalton/Gabriel/Emily. Well done to everyone because all the cars were super.

The day before we broke up for half term we had crazy hair day as a fundraiser for the Friends association. We got to wear our own clothes as well as do whatever we wanted with our hair. All of our hair looked great… and crazy.

On Monday, we went to St Mary’s Church in Keysoe for a visit. We went with Lions class and we all walked there and back in the heat….phew! Reverend Tim was there and he showed us all around the church. We took clipboards, paper and pens/pencils/felt tips to be able to draw, explore and generally just learn and appreciate the church. You could get a Treasure hunt page and look around the church to see if you could find things. Some of us got the chance to have a go playing the organ. It was very loud. We also got the chance to look around the graveyard to see the old and different gravestones. The church was big and very old. At 11 o’clock, we got to hear the bells ring. When we got back we all had ice lollies because it was SO HOT! We had a brilliant day and enjoyed our visit.

All of the year 4s have now completed their times table test. They have all worked brilliantly to learn their tables and did a great job on their tests, so they all got a special treat.

In topic, we have learnt more about the Romans and made mosaics. It was really hard to get the small squares of paper to make a picture but we all worked hard and have made all sorts of different but beautiful designs. Yesterday, we had a live stream lesson where we got a tour of the Roman parts of Chester. It was fun and we learnt many new things and saw some real Roman artefacts.

Come back again soon for some more amazing Zebra news.

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