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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 7th May 2021

Welcome! This is our first blog for Zebras class.

We’ve had a busy few weeks and great start to our topic Invasion!

We joined the Roman Army for a short time…we even had a few battle wounds.  We had great fun reenacting Roman battle formations using our trays as shields.  We made a bunch of different formations including the Orb, the Wedge, the Repel-Cavalry and the Tortoise formation to see how effective they were at protecting us against a barrage of cannonballs (only PE soft balls).

Wednesday, we played year 5/6’s PE games and they were great fun.  Thanks year 5/6, we really enjoyed them.

In science, we’ve planted beans, sunflowers, cress, basil and parsley.  We’ve been frequently watering them and watching them grow – some of them have grown REALLY tall.

Wednesday this week was World Maths Day where we played maths cards games of all sorts and we used our adding and subtracting skills, reasoning, probability and problem solving all while playing some really fun games.  We played Go fish/Old Maid, Solitaire, 21 Take away and few others.

The Year 5/6s and us, got the great opportunity to listening and take part in the Virtual Philharmonia Orchestra Unwrapped.  We had to do actions - clapping and tapping on our body turning us into an instrument.  There was Heart, Power, and Magic sequences to learn….some of us found it really easy to do but some of us found it a bit tricky!

Hope you enjoyed our blog from Zebras.  Join us next week for more amazing adventures!

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