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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 28th May 2021

Welcome to this week's blog.

On Monday, we read with the little ones in Monkeys.  We chose books from the library and also read our own books to them.


On Tuesday, in Science we saw that food colouring went up the stem of the flowers and on to the petals.  We saw that the red worked better than the blue. The celery only started to suck the coloured water up.


On Thursday, we had our exciting Marvellous Middle.  It was a Roman day that started with a virtual tour of Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge.  Justyna told us all sorts of things about different Roman Emperors and which ones were her favourites.  We liked Hadrian.  We were all dressed up in brilliant costumes for the day.  We got to choose little cards with Roman jobs on them and we had to play the parts on the job cards.  Thankfully we got to swap in the afternoon because being the slave job was hard work. We made clay pots and mosaic tiles in Roman style and coloured designs on paper to go along with it.  We ended the day with a Roman banquet!  Two thumbs up from everyone.


The fun didn't stop there, Friday we had "Break The Rules Day".  We had to pay 50 p for every rule we broke.  You could wear your own clothes, have juice in your water bottle, sweets or chocolate at breaktime, paint your nails, have tattoos and crazy hair.  Sadly, we didn't get to break rules in class like no working but we did get extra playtimes. We raised lots of money for our school and had a great time at the same time and a nice grandparent doubled our donations by matching what we raised.  


Happy half term and read our blog next week. 

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