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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 9th July 2021

Welcome to another very exciting blog. 


Keystage 2's play has taken up a lot of our time this week so we have had to do different things on different days.  


At the beginning of the week, we were lucky to have a new girl come to our class.  Aniah has settled in really well and made lots of new friends.  We also met our student teacher for next term, Miss Leonard, who will be with us at the end of September. 


On Tuesday, we did our favourite game with Miss Young in P.E., Rock, Paper, Scissors, Hop!  We also did benchball. 


Transition morning was the best thing on Wednesday.  We all spent some time in our new classes (some of us with our new teacher).  

The good bit is that Mrs Smith is as good as Mrs Morgan.  Year 4s are looking forward to going up to year 5.  The year 3s really enjoyed having the year 2s back with them.  We all can't believe it is that time of year again but we are looking forward to September.


All the children in Keystage 2 that do violin or piano picked their two favourite songs and performed two concerts to the school, one for Keystage 2 and one for Keystage 1.  They were all very talented and we really enjoyed hearing them play and seeing how much they had learnt and how hard they worked. Some of the performers were very nervous and a couple of them were scared (but it didn't show to the audience) and they enjoyed playing to the whole school.  We think some of the older ones played like real professionals.  


We've all learnt our lines, some of us still find it a bit hard.  Everyone has a part and is enjoying the play.  We'll tell you more after our performance.


Come on, England!  You can beat Italy and win the Euros. 

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