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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

5th July

Blog for week beginning 5th July


Well, on Monday, we got to watch all of our Kymbrook talented musical students perform in their music concert. We saw them play the piano and violin – they were great! We thought they played like real musicians!!

On Wednesday, it was so exciting to see the new Little Monkeys that will be starting in September. They stayed with us for a couple of hours and we were able to show them all the exciting things that we have in our Monkeys area. They enjoyed themselves so much that they asked if they could eat lunch with us in the hall!

Later in the week, Mrs Morgan organised a fabulous end of year party in our PE session with the Y5/6. We played a brilliant game of ‘under and over’ with balloons! Basically, we were in teams, all in a line and we had to pass the balloon to the person behind us, making sure it went under the legs of one person then over the head of the next. We played this to music, we loved it!

Once we had finished, we had a yummy cup cake and some juice, with a sweet to take home too!


We then ended our week with a lovely ice cream, lolly or a bag of sweets or chocolate from the sale led by the wonderful Friends committee.

We can’t believe we only have 2 weeks left before our summer holidays!

Bye for now……….

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