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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

This Week...

Once again, Monkeys have achieved so much this week!


We had a great time making our ‘Nature Bracelets’ in Forest School. Some of the children even found some pretty feathers to stick on!

During our music session this week, Mrs Miles helped groups of us to form our own bands and we played the instruments to various songs and nursery rhymes!

Little Monkeys have had a wonderful time forming their numbers in paint and sand and shaving foam and they are working very hard to form the letters a,s and t.

Big Monkeys have been counting – up to 100!! They have also been counting and adding numbers together up to 20 – fabulous job, Monkeys!!!

For our topic ‘This is Me’ we have been discussing all about ourselves and where we live. We drew our houses.

We were very good at making ourselves thin and tall and then curling into a ball and small in PE, we then finished off with the Oki-Koki.

Mrs Collier had very exciting news for us on Friday – she explained that we are going to start having a ‘Mystery Reader’ most Friday afternoons. We were super excited to see Mrs Collier’s son, Harrison. He read ‘Walking through the jungle’ to us. We had great fun looking for all the various animals and objects.

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