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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 2nd July

Monkeys have been so busy this week!

It was International week this week, so Mrs Collier read us a lovely story called Emma Jane’s Aeroplane. We learnt about different places in the world such as where the Statue of Liberty is and what it means, and also the Eiffel Tower. We couldn’t believe that it is 1063 feet tall !!! The story was also great to listen to because it fits into our topic for the term perfectly – ‘What’s in my suitcase?’

On Thursday, we had our ‘Marvellous Middle’ day where we all dressed up in summer clothing and we enjoyed lots of lovely activities such as a seaside obstacle race, flap the fish game, islands game and we even got yummy ice lollies!

On Friday, it was our sports day. It was sad that we couldn’t have our parents there to watch but we all had a brilliant time still. We had a carousel of activities in order to practise our skills before our races such as egg and spoon practise, obstacle practise and running and skipping. We then had a few races to join in to if we wanted, whilst the rest of the school watched and supported us. We also got ice lollies once again, then we finished the week off with our fab ice cream and sweet sale led by Mrs Applegate and the other lovely parents from our ‘Friends’ committee.

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