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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 14th January 2022

Welcome to our first blog of the New Year 2022.  Happy New Year!


It has been great to be back at school learning and having fun with all our friends.  

In the first week back we started our reading and writing work through a story by Pat Miller, called “Squirrel’s New Year Resolution” .  The children enjoyed the story and it inspired them to think of their own New Year Resolutions.

We have had Forest School which is getting really muddy! We enjoyed the games even though it was muddy though.  It is all part of learning about the outdoors!

It has been fantastic that some children got to practise riding a bike this week.  Well done to them – they tried so hard and learnt such a lot!

We have been doing lots of learning about coins, recognising coins, adding up amounts and making amounts using different combinations of coins. We shall be looking at notes before moving on to something new.

We have been enjoying our new topic so far – “Once Upon A Time”. 

Some children have done some homework already! These children have shared their work on Seesaw but you can always bring it into school instead or as well.  When something is posted on Seesaw and the child is happy to share, the rest of the class can see any videos/homework that other children do.  This can often help other children in the class to persevere with their homework.


We had a fabulous sparkling start today. We enjoyed our activities and games based on the story of The Gingerbread Man.

We were so excited making our gingerbread men.

Unfortunately, one gingerbread man has gone missing, just like the one in the story.  We looked for him everywhere.  We even went out into the playground to see if we could see him but there was only a trail of flour near the gate…we are suspicious!

We have started to write some posters to put around the school to see if anyone can help find him!

Do you like this example of one of the children’s work?  It is a really detailed picture of the gingerbread man that went missing!


We ended the day with some games and a song “Five Gingerbread Men” and everyone joined in. We really love the song and we want to sing it more -  then everyone will get the chance to be a gingerbread man.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough time!  We have had a super day though.

Mrs Morel says “Don’t forget to keep practising your 2 x table” (Test on Monday)

Take care and best wishes,

Mrs Morel and all the Meerkats

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