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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 20th May 2022

Hello there parents and carers,

Last week, on Tuesday, we were birds flapping, swooping, diving, and soaring in the skies – all part of another lovely experience session to prepare ourselves for writing –ing words.

On Friday we had our Stunning Start, making waterfalls…we were wondering if the higher you hold the bucket does the water pour faster and splashier?  How do you know…how can you measure the speed? It was so much fun!  The most fun was when we got to actually get in the paddling pool and experiment. Although we were only allowed in the pool one at a time, it was surprising how splashy the water can be!

Here’s James proudly showing me all the seaside shells he collected.

On Wednesday this week, Monkeys class joined us for another fabulous Robotics Workshop.  We worked really hard in our teams to build robots with a motor so it could move around. We included a sensor on our robots, that sensed obstacles, so that when the robot is moving about it won’t bump into things.  What clever robots and what clever Meerkats and Monkeys for building them.

As well as, of course, getting super results in the art competition that we entered earlier this year, today we have done some amazing art for the Platinum Jubilee Wall Hanging.  We were thinking of the four different countries otf the UK, that the Queen reigns over.  The children mainly drew the four different national flags and flowers that represent each country.  That ties in well with our “Around the World” Topic too!  Do you know which country has the rose as its National Flower?

The last two weeks have been very busy – a mixture of either super hard work (either preparing for or doing our quizzes) or super fun.  Mrs Morel thinks we are all amazing for all the great behaviour and mature attititudes during Quizzes Week – the whole class got the Pupil of the Week award in assembly.

We are looking forward to having a lovely time at the Jubilee Picnic next week and we cannot believe half term is just around the corner.

Love from Meerkats

P.S. Thank you to everyone for your great contribution last week to the BookTrust organisation, wearing your PJs.  Everyone looked wonderful.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to look on Seesaw please – Mrs Morel has messages.  

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