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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 14th October 2022

We have been so busy!

Quite a bit has happened since our last blog.  We have been working so hard at developing a neater handwriting style with five children now able to write with the continuous cursive style.  Our stamina for writing longer pieces of writing is improving too! 

We have been working on the book “George and the Dragon”.  It is a story about a huge and terrifying dragon who is afraid of nothing…except mice!  With Halloween coming up we thought it would be fun to write for the Monkeys children so that we could read our dragon descriptions to them and, well yes, scare them…only just a little bit! Hee hee!

We have been learning a great deal about place value in Maths.  We have just started to learn the 2x table.  We are actually getting quite excited about ‘seeing’ Maths in lots of ways now! 

The toy castles that we started to build on our Sparkling Start Day (as part of our Design and Technology learning) have fabulous working drawbridges, turrets, battlements and moats!  They are now awaiting some finishing touches.  We will then be evaluating our models to say what worked well and what did not work so well and, importantly, whether we have fulfilled the design criteria.

Mrs Morel is incredibly proud of how wonderfully everyone sang in the Harvest Festival.  Parents were super generous and it was a lovely occasion – especially having a nice packed hall full of parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles – thank you for coming!

Best wishes

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