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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 2nd July 2021

Amazing homework…it’s on display!

Hello everyone!

We have  been very busy this week with quizzes to help Mrs Morel find out how we are doing in our reading, writing and Maths.  Mrs Morel is very proud of us all! We have done so well!

Of course we have had lots of time for fun learning too.  In Art/Science we had to design our own minibeast.  We had to give it a name, think about where it lives and why it is suited to its habitat, what it eats, how it moves and how it avoids its predators.  We made these minibeasts out of all sorts of different kinds of materials.



We had a lovely “Marvellous Middle Day” teaming up with Monkeys Class and had a great time joining in with lots of fun activities and Seaside Games.  We ran around the field chasing, or jumping over or diving under “waves”; we competed against our friends in an obstacle race (with a paddling pool at the end!); we played “Islands” and “Flap the Fish”; we even did a sea animal boogie!  The day was all finished off with a refreshing ice pop!








We had fun playing “Flap the Fish” – it was tricky though!            Being a pirate!


We have had Sports Day too but haven’t had time to write about that yet so we will tell you about that next week! It was really great fun though! We had to drink lots and lots of water as it was really warm weather!


Hope you enjoyed the blog. See you next week and bye for now.

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