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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 11th March 2022

Another busy week here in Lion class.

We had such a lot of fun on Tuesday afternoon at Forest School. Our minds were full of imagination and we made some brilliant things, including using pipes and guttering to play games to challenge our team work and reaction speed. Isla and Beth had a wonderful time turning the tarpaulin sheets into parachutes! Thankfully, they only went across the field and not up in the air!

Our maths focus this week has been area and perimeter. We have learned how to solve perimeter problems where not all the sides are labelled and learned how to find the area of rectilinear shapes, triangles and parallelograms. Clever us!

We started a new unit for our English work, which is based on a short film clip called Francis. The genre is thriller narrative and we have been learning how to build suspense in our stories and how to use ‘show not tell’. This means giving clues about how a character is feeling, rather than just writing, she was scared, for example. We are looking forward to building our own thriller narratives next week.

In small groups, we have made some display work about Egyptian creation stories. We worked collaboratively to make drawings and form them into a family tree. Our classroom is looking pretty full of our brilliant topic work, but we just about managed to squeeze them in!

Towards the end of the week, we started our next topic task, which is to show our understanding of the importance of the River Nile to the Ancient Egyptians. Hopefully by next Friday, we will have some fabulous work to show you.

That’s all from us this week. More news next week.

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