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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 20th May 2022

Thanks for checking back on our Lion class update.

We have enjoyed some aspects of getting back to normal after the SATs. In our maths lessons we are working on the topic of 'Position and Direction'. There are three main elements to this: co-ordinates, reflection and translation. Excellent work so far on this topic. 

We have started a new class novel, which is called 'Curse of the Maya'. Our main aim is to get it finished before the summer holidays...!

We have been working hard on some information texts about the Maya civilisation. Lots of excellent research skills have been evident, as well as trying to advance our writing as much as possible. Well done everyone. 

Another thread this week has been our preparations for our Platinum Jubilee celebrations. We have worked so hard on some art work and now have 22 super portraits of the Queen, at different stages of her life. Some children chose to do pencil drawings, some pastels, some watercolour paints and some pencil crayons. We have framed them beautifully. If any of our parents, carers and family members are coming to our Jubilee celebrations next week, please do make sure you spot them. 

We have also created a large scale timeline of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In small groups, we were given a decade each and had to research key events, fashions, music etc about that decade. We were surprised by how much a house used to cost! Again, this will be on display, so do come and see our work. 

It is amazing to think that we only have 4 more school days until it is the half-term holidays! 

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