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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 17th June 2022

What a hot week it has been! We have been out enjoying the sunshine (and shade!) this week.

We have been working hard on our science topic on The Earth in Space. We learned about the scientists, who over time worked on ideas about the structure of the solar system. They gradually went from a geocentric (the Earth in the centre) model to a heliocentric (the sun in the centre) model. We also learned about time zones and the phases of the moon.

On Monday, 8 children (including two last minute subs!) went to the Bedford International Athletics Stadium to take part in an event called Quadkids. They competed in four events- a 600m run, a 75m sprint, standing long jump and vortex throw. We haven’t had the final results yet, but we know that we did brilliantly, especially in the races, with lots of 1st place finishes. All of those who attended loved the experience of competing in such a brilliant venue.

On Tuesday morning we all excitedly awaited the arrival of the bus to take us to our first swimming lesson at Splash pool in Rushden. Unfortunately, there had been a mix-up and the bus didn’t arrive! Oh no!

We have made a start on our end of year play. More information to follow….

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