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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 24th June 2022

It's been chocolate heaven in our classroom this week!

Many of our lessons have been spent working on our D.T. project to design and make new chocolate bars. Working in groups, we first took a look at existing products on the market, so that we could evaluate them. We tasted milk, dark and white chocolate to decide which types we would like to use.

Then our imaginations went wild as we created our recipes. We had amazing ideas, from toffee to mint to rose petals.

As well as working on our product, we also had to plan two other important Ps- packaging and pitch! Once we had made our chocolate bars, we wrapped them in foil and inserted them into very carefully measured and drawn boxes (nice bit of maths there!). Thankfully every bar fitted!

Moving on to the 'pitch' part, we were very lucky to be joined by 6 'Dragons' on Thursday afternoon. They listened to our prepared pitches, they examined the packaging and, most importantly, tasted our chocolate bars. They gave us marks out of 10 for each criteria - product, packaging and pitch to give totals out of 30. Each dragon also gave us feedback on our products, most of which was brilliantly positive!

All of the scores were added together to give us grand totals. The scores were so close but the winner was Michael, Kyle and Myles with their Snap 'n' Crack bar! 

Well done everyone for your creativity- it was such a tasty project!

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