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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 9th December 2022

Hello and welcome back for some new Lion class news. It has been such a busy few weeks we almost don't know where to start!

A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed another fabulous visit from Andy from Theatre of Widdershins. This time he told us the story of Rapunzel. The fact that the wicked witch was called Mrs Smith caused a lot of laughs! As we get older, we can really appreciate the skill Andy has. 

We have also had a couple of mufti days- one for Children in Need, one to donate hamper items and also Christmas Jumper day to raise money for Save the Children. Doing little bits for charities is a key part of who we are.

Last week, we had a very busy Friday. We welcomed lots of parents, carers and grandparents into the school for Decoration morning. In Lion class we had a range of lovely activities to do, including making felt gingerbread people, with candy cane arms and legs, wool winding decorations and glass painting. 

In the afternoon of that day, we went over to the Village Hall to be the entertainment for the annual WI Christmas tea party. We love to be invited each year and I think they were very impressed by our fabulous singing. The WI ladies very kindly gave us a goody bag containing a cracker, an orange, juice and a sweet treat. We enjoyed these when we got back to school.

This week, our violin and piano pupils performed for us and some of their parents at the end of term concert. It is always lovely to see their skills and how they are developing as musicians. Talking of musicians, last week we had an amazing experience when we got to visit the Corn Exchange in Bedford to watch a special schools concert given by the fabulous Philharmonia Orchestra. Most of us had never seen an orchestra in real life and it was a wonderful opportunity, We had done some preparation work beforehand, so we recognised the pieces we listened to, as well as joining in with one specially commissioned piece, which was called 'Something to Say'. As well as singing, we had also earned BSL and we seemed to be the only school signing along. Also, we had sent in some of our own art work and we were thrilled that they were all chosen to be shown on a huge screen behind the orchestra during one of the pieces. What a wonderful experience!

We are looking forward to the last week of term- lots still to do, but hopefully lots of fun too!     

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