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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 16th July 2021- Welcome to Summer!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my final blog for this academic year.

I hope you are all looking forward to a weekend of glorious weather ahead. 

This week the children have had a very busy week with all sorts of exciting activities taking place.

Monkeys have had lots of fun in the sun, the paddling pool has been out with toys to play with. Meerkats have been finishing off some very impressive topic work with Mrs Morel. Zebras have had a day being Vikings, boiled cabbage, smoked fish and goats cheese were on the menu! Yuk!! Lions opened a pop-up Greek Taverna. The children chose and made a whole variety of traditional Greek dishes, which I got to sample...they were absolutely delicious! Yum!!


Only 4 days left to go before we break up and say a big goodbye to our lovely Year 6s.


The results of the final TTRockstars Battle for this academic year are as follows:

All Federation boys vs All Federation girls

Winners: BOYS.

YAYYYYYY boys, you won the final battle of the year! A huge well done to all those who took part.


Have a great summer everyone and we will see you again in September!

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