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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 11th March 2022

We have had a great couple of weeks in Forest School! The weather has been varied with a feel of spring in the air! After a lot of rain there were big puddles which remained at the bottom end of the field. Some tried to make bridges across and others made twig boats.


 The children have also been attempting lighting cotton wool with my steel rods. They have all proven to be very good at this and some have even mastered it independently. All loved to watch the flame until it went out! A couple of girls turned the tarp we use for dens into parachutes by tying them to their shoulders and running into the wind! This was absolutely fabulous to witness. We did wonder if one might take off!!

We also now have some pipes and guttering where a group of four boys were transporting a ball using two long pieces of guttering across the Astroturf while a group of girls made a shute out of the pipes for water and then one boy invented his own game which was a little like splat the rat! This was along with the usual den building, digging and some using their whittling skills to make things.

 Looking forward to seeing what the children get up to in the next couple of weeks.


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