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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Times Table Rockstars Battles Begin Today!

As you will be aware, knowing times tables is a crucial part of the Maths curriculum. It is fundamental to children’s Mathematical ability through Primary education and is vital to success in Secondary Maths education. Every single strand of Maths relies heavily on times tables fluency. In June all Year 4 children will be required to take a newly introduced, statutory government multiplication tables check (MTC).

With this in mind, we would like to raise the profile of times tables within school for all year groups so that times tables becomes a more prominent part of school and home life, much as reading does. This is because children are expected to know all tables up to 12x by the time they leave Year 4. Therefore, we all need to get more involved from a younger age to ensure the children succeed. 

We are reintroducing the TT Rockstars Battles. These are fun competitions that run through the week and will be a combination of challenges such as ‘All Y3 (at both Kymbrook and Thurleigh) vs All Year 3 (at both Kymbrook or Thurleigh)’ or ‘All girls vs All boys’. The children will play at their own level to compete and if there are multiple competitions on the go, any games played by the child will go towards all competitions that are relevant to them.

We kick the battles off with a whole Federation Girls vs Boys

The winners will be announced on Friday in Mrs Augustine's Blog

Good luck!

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