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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School



We use a range of resources to support the development of reading, including books, games, iPads and computers. Our library contains a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, including big books. Each class has a selection of both non-fiction and fiction books for children to choose from.

To start children reading, we follow the Dandelion Readers scheme of books. These are closely linked to the letter sounds the children are learning in their phonics lessons. In addition, we have a variety of other schemes which children are able to read to consolidate and expand skills and knowledge. These books are organised into 'book bands' by colour. Book Banding is a national scheme which grades children’s reading books according to the difficulty of the text. The system is designed to help schools grade their reading books across schemes so that children are able to access the correct books for their current level.


Additional Methods to Improve and Develop Reading Skills:

  • Share, listen to and explore, high quality class texts 
  • Model and share reading skills
  • Daily guided reading sessions
  • Daily Phonics sessions to enable decoding and reading with independence
  • One to one reading  
  • Celebrating books by significant authors - including linking texts to our creative curriculum
  • Visits from authors
  • Encourage parental engagement - e.g. through workshops and effective use of reading diaries

EYFS suggested picture books

Year 1 suggested reading books

Year 2 suggested reading books

Year 3 suggested reading books

Year 4 suggested reading books

Year 5 suggested reading books

Year 6 suggested reading books

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