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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

October half term 2023

Wow, what a FABULOUS half term back in the field it has been! Time really does fly when you are having fun!!

This half term the Monkeys have started their Forest School journey with activities like making a potion, Journey sticks, Nature Bracelets and colour match activity! They have all done amazingly and I am incredibly proud of them all!! They have been outside with Meerkats who have been super role models for them to watch. They have carried out some fabulous child-led activities. A couple of them have even joined the monkeys with their activities which has been lovely.

Zebras have been bringing their topic learning to the field this half-term. They are looking at the Stoneage so have been building caves (dens), fighting off woolly mammoths, tie dying with blackberries and making Stoneage tools in the blood bubble. All of these child led-AMAZING!! There have also been mud houses made, Autumn mobiles, a pipe work system made, red bush tea (berries and bits found about the field) and even a Spa made! 

Lions have been just as busy with making water slides using tarp, a water filter system, potions, tug of war and finding two newts under a log!!

As a school to mark National Forest School Day we made a bug hotel! Monkeys, Meerkats and Lions all took part in the creation of it! Monkeys and Meerkats chose the location, stacked the pallets and put the bricks in, then Lions filled it with roof tiles and sticks. They also gave it a name "The Buggletel". Love it!  Unfortunately, Zebras were out for a sports festival the day we did it but I am sure they will get the chance to add to it next half term. I look forward to seeing what happens and if we get some resident bugs move in over before the winter!

Have a wonderful half term and I look forward to the next half term. The season will really be turning from Autumn to winter so warm clothes will be needed. 

Ranger Nina X


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