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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 24th November 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a busy Autumn Term it has been for the Year 1 and 2 Meerkats Class!

The time has gone quickly.  There are so many things to mention! Our topic ‘Let’s go Wild!’ has led us to investigate the world of Animals and Humans – through our writing, drawing and learning through discussions and through play.

We have looked at animal names, how animals and humans grow and the different stages of life cycles.

Some animals are not wild – they are pets or farm animals.

We read this book in our second week of the Autumn Term and did lots of fun activities based on it.

What a lovely time we have had with this fabulous story! We have a giant soft and cuddly tiger in our classroom who the children have played with.  Our sparkling start was some drama – role-playing  a ‘Tea Party with Terry’.  

Unjumbling ‘Tiger who came to Tea’ sentences!

The children are given lots of opportunity to play in the different continuous provision areas of our classroom and most children really love the train set and adore the lego!

e had a Robotics Workshop day and the Robotics teacher thought the class were Year 3 children as they were so good with the Design and Technology challenge!  He really was incredibly impressed with their skills and learning behaviour.

The children have loved learning about the Great Fire of London and enjoyed showing off their knowledge to Mrs Beard about all the facts they have learnt. Last week we had a visit from the Fire and Rescue Services.  The children were really excited as they got to try out the hose and listen to the siren in the playground.

There’s lots of other things we have done –  from Children-in Need Day to Multi-Skills, not to mention all the Maths and English we have been doing.  Mrs Morel is very grateful to all the lovely children and their parents for their support to work hard, do homework and try their best! Just seeing every child come into school every day with a smile on their faces is everything!

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