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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 3rd May 2024

Hello and welcome back!

As part of our topic work we have been finding out about Captain James Cook by asking questions such as:

· When and where was he born?

· Why did he become a sailor?

· What is Captain Cook’s greatest achievement?

· How did it change the world?

· What was a journey in a ship like 250 years ago and how have things changed?

The children have been researching Australian animals and writing kangaroo fact files. We will be reading “Wombat goes Walkabout” next week. We are becoming more and more expert on all things Australian. This afternoon, we had a little session of singing and dancing to “Waltzing Matilda” – really fun!

In P.S.H.C.E. (Personal, Social, and Health and Citizenship Education), the children have been discussing how we need to respect each other, the importance of sleep, eating healthily and this week we discussed the importance of keeping clean, especially how we need to remember to always wash our hands properly.

In our Art, we have been having an especially lovely time learning about ‘portraits’. The children have created fabulous self-portraits, and amazing portraits with the aim of looking like the image of another person. In the style of Picasso, the children have also created portraits in a Cubist style using a collage technique. Next they will be learning about line drawing portraits and putting their finished line drawings onto their own personally designed watercolour wash backgrounds. These will be inspired by the artist Paul Klee. I am sure they will be stunning!

The children are all amazing and working and playing as hard as ever! We look forward with continuing enthusiasm to the months ahead and all the fun things and rewarding progress along the way.

More news of this to come – so keep watching out for Blogs now – thank you.

Enjoy the long weekend.

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