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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 1st October

Welcome to Lion Class blog.

In our English lessons this week, we have been reading and exploring a book set in WWII, which is called ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll.

Maths has been all about Place Value again this week. We have been getting really good at rounding and negative numbers.

Our topic (World War Two) is progressing really well. We are learning lots, especially about The Battle of Britain, countries involved in WWII and some world leaders of the time.

In our art lesson yesterday, we learned about Henry Moore, the famous sculptor and artist. We particularly looked at his WWII shelter art and then were inspired by him to make our own fabulous art using a variety of techniques.

We are very excited to be linking with a school in Nantes, to have our very own French penpals! We are currently writing our first letters to introduce ourselves and are hoping that they will write back! How exciting!

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